Coconut Groove's unique taste.


Amanda Rootsey – Shine from Within

Our students LOVE Coconut Groove coconut water.  We use it in all of our teen wellbeing programs and the students will drink it everyday as well as use it to make green smoothies, acai bowls and other treats!  We are so grateful and proud to be aligned with a local, community-based business with such integrity.

Melinda Bingley – Personal Trainer

Health being my number one core value and owning a personal training & adventure business, Coconut groove fits right in, I have tried many coconut waters and this by far is my favorite plus its supporting locals on the Sunshine Coast. I enjoy my coconut water in my smoothies or Acai bowls to kick start the day and when to hydrate me and a pick me up when I am out being adventurous climbing mountains, kayak, hiking, training.

Sam Werthman – Sports Therapist

Being a Sports Therapists for 17 years I have seen many cases of dehydration. Coconut water is the most natural electrolyte to hydrate the body.  In my experience the delicious “Coconut Groove” is the only clean and pure option on the market for both myself and my clients.

Skye Herbert – Wakeboarder

Boardslide, 360, nose press and style…..

These words may not be familiar to those who aren’t wakeboarders, but to me this is life…..pushing myself to the limit as well as training four times a week, plus coaching.

While wakeboarding can get tiring out on the water, thankfully, I am well-supported by a sponsor, Coconut Groove coconut water.  I drink lots of it as I love the refreshing flavour and it keeps me hydrated.

Before having an early start of training plus coaching on a weekend, I like to have an energy- boosting smoothie made with Coconut Groove coconut water.

The ongoing sponsorship I receive from Coconut Groove helps me to keep up to date with my wakeboarding gear.

Thanks to David Hughes for showing confidence in me and my wakeboarding career, and being my first official sponsor. That is why I never stop drinking and supporting Coconut Groove for what they have done to help me.

Matt Chigwidden – Skateboarder

I’m Matt Chigwidden,

During the school term I teach kids skateboarding at skate parks and schools across the Sunshine Coast. I also do birthday parties, private lessons and day tours.

My friend Jesse Noonan (Rock N Slide Skateboarding) and I collaborate to run four day skate camps at Coolum Beach.

The kids love learning to skateboard. A major part of our programme is to open the kids up to social skills, gaining new friends, confidence and life’s important lessons including good manners, self-respect and support and awareness of those around you.

A happy, healthy life is part of the deal.

At our day programmes and camps soft drinks and cordials have become a thing of the past since Coconut Groove donated coconut water to our last skate camp. The kids wouldn’t stop drinking it, not only did it hydrate them, it is also healthy.

Coconut Water Australia  


One of our favourite coconut water brands has had a make over! Now available in a modern, clean cut design 520ml can it still contains the same amazing taste we have known it for over the years. We can definitely guarantee this coconut water will refresh you on a hot day as well as being the perfect addition into smoothies for a sweet tasting mixture. Ideal if you have a sweet tooth, every sip is delicious and it is really enjoyable to drink a can from start to finish. Even if you can’t finish the huge 520ml can the coconut water will last until the next day for you to finish it. Satisfaction guaranteed with this one!


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