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I had the pleasure of meeting Coconut Groove founder David Hughes today. As a Coeliac I suffer with malnutrition and resulting low energy, and often turn to coconut water as a quick pick-me-up. David handed me an ice-cold can of Coconut Groove after a long day on my feet today and I couldn't be more grateful - and full of life again! I've tried every brand of coconut water on the Australian market and this is by far the best. Great work David!

Posted by Michelle www.aglutenfreelife.com.au

This refreshing coconut water definitely doesn’t disappoint in the taste department. A large 520ml can of this coconut water is not only revitalising; it also makes you feel hydrated faster after finishing medium to high intensity activities. We personally couldn’t get enough of the superb taste and will drink it time and time again after running, cycling and football. The large volume of coconut water in the can also helps prevent a hang over after a night of drinking. Highly recommended! 9.85/10

Posted on Coconut Water Australia website

Coconut Groove – possibly the best coconut water around

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of coconut water; you only have to read my Elixir of the Gods post to understand that. Therefore I am extremely grateful to have a fantastic partnership with David Hughes from Coconut Groove. David has an interesting and very personal story of how Coconut Groove came to be so I want to share that with you as I believe it’s important to know where our food comes from and it’s also inspiring to hear about someone who has built a business based on the belief of a product and not purely motivated by profit.
By Brad Harrison of Bodyin8 on 17/11/2013 - Hydration, Supplements
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Coconut Groove – 520ml cans
3 cans

Hi David
We LOVE your coconut water! We spent 12 yrs living in Thailand so like you, appreciate exactly what a good, fresh, coconut water should taste like. Thank you for your efforts in getting this product here! We consume quite a considerable amount as I work in the food/cooking business.
Kind regards,
Peregian Beach

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A Casual Encounter.....19.01.13

There I was sitting at my desk that overlooks the property’s front drive....the day was to be blistering hot – already around 28/29 degrees.  A fit looking young man in running gear with a T-shirt thrown over his shoulder and a heart-rate monitor strapped round his chest, walked down the drive towards my office.  I left my desk and greeted him, asking if I could help.  He said he was dehydrated and could he have a drink from the garden tap.  I told him it was dam water and I could give him something better than that.  I ducked inside and brought out a cold can of Coconut Groove which he scoffed down at a rate of knots. During conversation he said he lived in England and was visiting family in Tewantin (a nearby town). He had run up the steep hill from their home, along the road passing my property to the top of Mt Tinbeerwah situated at the end of the road and had underestimated how far and how steep the run was - approx 20klm.  (I might add I find it hard going to WALK the steep road from Tewantin to my property....I have only walked it twice and now avoid it like the plague).  A very tiring climb, let alone continue on to the top of Mt Tinbeerwah.
He thanked me for the Coconut Groove coconut water and jogged off.

I received the following text message later that day:thumbtack-

“Hi David, thanks very much for saving me this morn with the Coconut Groove!  Carried me the remaining 8klms home.  All the best with the biz mate".

David Hughes, Coconut Groove

Here is one review from competitive dancers involved in high energy Dancesport.

Highly recommended.

The most thirst quenching drink for any athlete .... And it's Healthy!

Our dancesport competitions requires a high degree of mental and physical alertness and agility. We find coconut water retains our energy levels far better than any other form of hydration. Even better than pure water because the extra mineral elements seem to enhance our endurance.

We tried sports drinks. We tried chocolate and we tried Water with Himalayan salt added. The sports drinks, I personally find pretty yuk! The other two are fantastic for us for a quick boost when the brain and body start to wear down, but I have to say Coconut water for us is the best. We drink pure water as well, but it just doesn't seem to have the same thirst quenching effect and we don't believe it gives the same energy boost either.

We sampled many different brands of coconut water prior to trying Coconut Groove. David's fastidious approach to achieving the optimum blend of taste and quality, we believe has resulted in a sports drink many athletes are going to love.

One would think coconut water is coconut water, but you soon learn that it isn't. Some have added nasties and some taste not so nice. Coconut Groove comes up tops for us. Just right, not too sweet, not an overpowering flavour and a drink that really quenches our thirst.

If you've never tasted coconut water, try it .. especially after a long walk or a big workout. We noticed a huge difference and wouldn't dance a competition without it.

Barry and Lyn Bayfield

Masters 2 DanceSport Competitors.
Australian Championship Latin Finalists
State Champions Open Latin NSW
State Championships Qld winners all three styles
National Capital Championship Canberra - runners up latin and new vogue
Latin, Ballroom and New Vogue Instructors & Coaches

dancers dancers
So what's their winning formula?  ... Lots of Coconut Water of course
 ... and a little bit of hard work and dedication to the sport of dancing.

Health Note: For optimum body function, coconut water should be consumed in conjunction with adequate amounts of pure, fresh water.

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Young green coconuts are hand-picked daily in the early morning coolness of our chemical-free plantations in Thailand's fertile hinterland.


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COMBATS FATIGUE AND DEHYDRATION - Coconut Water is a natural energising, rehydrating beverage containing essential electrolytes including potassium, magnesium and calcium.
Alkalising, Gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free

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