Our People

Coconut Groove's unique taste.

Our People

David Hughes Рfounder, owner and director. 

Part larrikin. 100% fair dinkum Aussie. A man of passion, perfection and integrity. You could be forgiven for thinking that coconut water also resides in David’s DNA, and, it probably does! A lover of all things beautiful and pure, David’s eclectic and extensive background, plus his keenness for quality and discernment, makes him the perfect guy to oversee Coconut Groove and our operations.

David has spent decades literally travelling throughout countless countries in search of the “Holy Grail” of coconut water. His pursuit and passion for young green coconuts culminated with Coconut Groove and his desire to share this drink with Australians from all walks of life.

David reckons he’s got it right – a beverage which tastes, as close as possible to coconut water consumed from young green coconuts just picked off the palm.

Sarah-Rose Sellars – Coconut Groove Ambassador.

The reigning Mrs Australia World. Accomplished trainer and instructor in fitness, yoga, and stand-up paddle.

Mother of two gorgeous children and sun bronzed local Sunshine Coast gal, Sarah is an inspiration and role model to many young Australians dealing with the pressures and challenges of the modern era.

Sarah loves Coconut Groove for the perfect complement that it is to her hectic but wholesome lifestyle. ” Coconut Groove represents everything I believe in. Whenever I drink this product, I feel like I’m walking the walk!”

Jo Herbert 

Hi all, I am Jo Herbert and work behind the scenes for Coconut Groove managing their social media presence when I am not being a busy mum of three, full time employee, wife and just being a normal busy woman. Coconut Groove not only keeps me hydrated when I need to be day or night but I truly believe whole heartedly this gives me the natural energy lift that I need on a daily basis. I hope to catch you on our social media forums! I love seeing the Coconut Groove community in action.

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