100% pure Coconut Water
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‪100% Pure Coconut Water - Chemical Free** - No added Anything!!!
Alkalizing, rehydrating and totally delicious

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Coconut Groove 100% Pure Coconut Water

Imported by: Coconut Groove
Mt. Tinbeerwah
Qld 4563 Australia
Product of Thailand

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Maximum freshness

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Our delicious Coconut water is extracted and canned within hours of picking, retaining the maximum freshness and nutritional value of the young coconuts. The young green coconuts are hand-picked daily in the early morning coolness of our chemical-free plantations in Thailand's fertile hinterland.

Unique taste

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Coconut Groove's unique-tasting coconut water is achieved by blending select varieties of fresh, young, green coconuts, pasteurised and canned in BPA-free cans without the need for additives.


"Fragrant juice"

The Coconut variety ‘Nam Hom’ is predominantly used in our Coconut Groove Coconut Water. It is also the best & most expensive. (Nam Hom means “fragrant juice” or “sweet water” in Thai).

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Thailand’s soil and climate is recognised as producing the best coconuts in the world. The Nam Hom variety has a unique flavour no other coconut in the world possesses. Nam Hom is only grown in Thailand. The best growing area in Thailand is in the province where Coconut Groove coconuts are grown. Premium grade Coconut Groove Coconut Water is a 100% pure, natural, rehydrating, electrolytic mineral-rich drink.

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Sarah-rose Sellars, Sunshine Coast model, Coconut Groove devotee and Ambassador, funning it up during a beachside photo http://www.sarah-rosesellars.com

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COMBATS FATIGUE AND DEHYDRATION - Coconut Water is a natural energising, rehydrating beverage containing essential electrolytes including potassium, magnesium and calcium.
Alkalising, Gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free

Coconut Groove 100% Pure Coconut Water

Imported by: Coconut Groove
Mt. Tinbeerwah
Qld 4563 Australia

Office Tel: 07 5447 6096   Email: coconutgroove@hotmail.com.au