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The pure HEALTHY beverage Australians are taking to in droves

‬Coconut Groove’s unique-tasting pure coconut water is achieved by blending select varieties of fresh, young, green coconuts. Totally chemical free.
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"Where it all begins......" see our video below

Coconut Groove aims to be a leading ethical supplier of pure, premium grade, additive-free coconut water at an affordable price to health-conscious Australians. Coconut Groove intends achieving this by vigorous commitment to product purity and customer service.

At Coconut Groove we constantly strive to achieve just the right balance of taste and quality for discerning consumers who, like us, care about their health and wellbeing.

It is our passion....and as such, experimenting with different coconut varieties, in addition to considerable time and effort, has gone into bringing this beverage on to the rapidly-expanding coconut water market in Australia.

Your opinion is very important to us. We welcome feedback on our product – feel free to email us or post comments on the website, to enable us to gain a valuable insight into what consumers think about Coconut Groove coconut water.

If you like it....tell your friends. If you don’t like it.....tell us.

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The real deal

David (our founder) has spent many years in countries where coconut palms grow naturally. His taste for pure green coconut water has led him to share this unique drink with Australians. A beverage tasting as close as possible to coconut water consumed from young green coconuts just picked off the palm.  

Thailand’s soil and climate is recognised as producing the best coconuts in the world. The Nam Hom variety grown only in Thailand has a unique flavour no other coconut in the world possesses. The best growing area in Thailand is in the province where Coconut Groove coconuts are grown.

Where it all begins......

Video of our production line in Thailand

Coconut Groove 100% pure fresh young green coconut water is the result of 12 months of research, including a series of tasting sessions and surveys from Cairns to Melbourne.

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Rich in rehydrating electrolytes

Available at convenience stores, health food shops and grocery outlets.

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Coconut Groover premium goodness!! Rock your body back to health with this 100% pure coconut water, rich in rehydrating electrolytes.
Natural goodness - ‪NEW !! No added anything‬


Young green coconuts are hand-picked daily in the early morning coolness of our chemical-free plantations in Thailand's fertile hinterland.


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Coconut water is a creation of the Sun's energy, the Earths nutrients and rain from above. Natural and wholesome.

Alkalising, Gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free

Coconut Groove 100% Pure Coconut Water

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