About Us

Coconut Groove's unique taste.

about us

Coconut Groove is proudly a 100% Australian owned company.

For years, our passion and commitment to excellence has remained unchanged.

We love to “punch above our weight” – it’s the only way you can fully truly enjoy the pure wholesome goodness and purity of this awesome beverage!

And yes, it really is ultimately, all about the taste! Our Nam Hom variety of young green coconuts are grown exclusively in Thailand, recognised as the region which consistently produces the best coconuts in the world.

And yes, also, it’s about all the changes happening throughout our planet, on a scale not seen in generations. A reawakening and reconnection with all things natural and pure.

A growing desire to stop poisoning our bodies and minds with toxic, processed food and drinks. A newfound and growing respect for Mother Earth, and her incredibly nurturing inventory of natural produce! Lastly, a desire to treat this planet well, and leave it in a better state for our children and future generations to follow.

That’s what we’re about – in a coconut shell!

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