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You have entered the home page of what we proudly believe is Australia’s premiere and premium example of coconut water – sourced only from the finest, and most delicious, organically grown young green coconuts.

100% natural. Full of hydrating goodness. 100% free of preservatives, additives, sweeteners, GMOs, chemicals, and BPA, Coconut Groove proudly towers head and shoulders above the other coconut waters currently flooding the Australian marketplace.
Come with us on a journey of discovery – and fall in love ( or all over again ) with the taste and perfection of Coconut Groove!
Coconut Groove is proudly a 100% Australian owned company
About Us

Coconut Groove Ambassador

Sarah-Rose Sellars

The reigning Mrs Australia World. Accomplished trainer and instructor in fitness, yoga, and stand-up paddle.

Mother of two gorgeous children and sun bronzed local Sunshine Coast gal, Sarah is an inspiration and role model to many young Australians dealing with the pressures and challenges of the modern era.

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